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Useful Information

Useful tips for your peace of mind when traveling.


Safety measures

The European Union (EU) has adopted new security measures restricting the volume of liquids or similar substances which passengers are allowed to carry through security controls in European airports.


Passenger Information
In accordance with international safety standards, our cabin crew perform a safety demonstration in order to show the location and use of the oxygen masks, life jackets and emergency exits. The GOWAIR safety card which is stowed in the seat pocket should be read carefully.

Passenger Rights

For GOWAIR´s policy in regards to delays, cancellations and boarding denial please follow this link. This section provides some links to European regulations on passenger air transportation rights.


Terms & Conditions

The national and international flights with GOWAIR, regardless of the destination, are subjected in principle to “The Montreal Convention”, May 28th 1999 signed and upheld by Spain, the EU regulation nº 2027/97, amended by 889/02, the applicable Spanish legislation, and the terms and conditions of the contract within the legal framework specified by GOWAIR which is summarized here.